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Structured Cabling System (SCS) – a unified infrastructure, which underpins the functioning of the building local area network and provides universal communication environment, connection of any equipment and operation of any standard application. SCS satisfies the following requirements:

  • is universal, i.e. provides signal transmission of existing and perspective types of network equipment of various applications
  • quickly and with minimum cost allows to set up new workstations and change the topology of the transmission paths without additional field cable installation
  • allows to organize a unified service of operating

Монтаж СКС Ставрополь

Installation of SCS allows to create a basis for a Local Area Network - LAN. Just like without a good foundation it is impossible to build substantial building, the same without a qualitative SCS the normal operation of company’s infrastructure is impossible. The higher the category of system, the more its actual parameters depend on the qualification of specialist, who installs the system. This dependence is more evident in installing unshielded cabling systems.

 Монтаж СКС СтавропольМонтаж СКС Ставрополь

Electrical installation works

During the installation of the cabling system - the basis of a local area network (LAN) - it is necessary to obey the additional rules for electrical installation work. Voltage drops in the power cables cause unwanted interferences in low amperage networks. Expert electrical installation work makes a provision for observing the minimum permissible distances of collective laying of power and information parts of cabling systems.

Installation of cabling systems

Installation of cabling system begins after the design is created and the customer approved the work specification. Quality of the created SCS depends directly on workers, so we teach and regularly raise the qualification of our employees. Mounting unit of holding "INFA" has a high qualification and extensive practical experience in installation, not only in Stavropol and Stavropol Territory, but also in the Southern Federation District (SFD).

 Монтаж СКС Ставрополь

Speciality of the service holding "INFA" is the high quality of work carried out in a severe conformity to adopted international, regional and national standards and also with technical subrequirement of SCS producer. During the design of the cabling system all the requirements for laying, administration and organization of telecommunication customer premises are taken into account. The final stage of installation of SCS is a successful passing of a cabling system in operation.

A list of completed projects of the Holding Company "INFA" includes both peer SCS and LAN, and systems of building complexes with hundreds of information and telephone lines.


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