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«INFA-Networks» has installed computer networks in more than 350 different companies, organizations and institutions in southern Russia. Below is a list of the most famous clients:

  • Department and administration of Russian Federation pension fund in Stavropol, Krasnodar Territory and Rostov region
  • Ministry of Finance of Stavropol Territory
  • Administration of Stavropol
  • Educational department of Stavropol
  • Administration of Stavropol Territory Justice department
  • The arbitration court of Stavropol
  • «MODUS-AUTOHOUSE» automobile sales centre
  • «DREAM-CAR» automobile sales centre
  • Armavir’s State Pedagogical University
  • Stavropol OPTORG
  • Commissioner for Human Rights in Stavropol Territory
  • Committee of Finance and Budget of Stavropol
  • «Elkon» firm
  • GUP Kraytechinventarizacia
  • Health agencies of the Stavropol Territory:
    • GUZ «Stavropol Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary»
    • GUZ «Stavropol Regional Endocrinological Dispensary»
    • GUZ «Stavropol Regional Clinical Center of the organization of specialized types of medical care»
    • GUZ «Stavropol Regional Children's Clinical Center for the organization of specialized types of medical care»
    • GUZ «Stavropol Regional Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases»
    • GUZ «Regional Clinical Perinatal Center»
    • GUZ «Stavropol Regional Venereal Diseases Dispensary»
    • GUZ «Stavropol Regional Clinical Oncology Dispensary»
    • MUZ «Children's City Clinical Hospital named «Filippskiy»
    • MUZ «City Hospital Emergency Medical Care ¹ 4»
    • MUZ «City policlinic ¹ 1»
    • MUZ «Consultative-diagnostic policlinic»
    • MUZ «Children's policlinic ¹ 1»
    • MUZ «Children's policlinic ¹ 2»
    • MUZ «City’s Hospital»
    • MUZ «Mineralovodsky Central Regional Hospital»
    • MUZ «Mineralovodsky City Maternity Hospital»
  • Archives of Stavropol
  • Military Commissariat of the Ipatovsky District
  • Pension Fund of the Rostov region
  • Ministry of Finance of the Stavropol Territory

and other educational and scientific institutes, industrial, electrical energy, transport and communications organizations, agriculture, trade and oil-and-gas production enterprises.


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