Computer Networks


Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)

Structured Cabling System – is the basis of the information environment of any organization. Functioning of the entire IT-system of organization depends on its reliability.

Modern SCS is an integrated and inseparable part of engineering communications of buildings. Once installed it can perform its functions for many years, during which several generations of communication equipment can be replaced.

A distinctive feature of SCS is versatility with respect to the transmitted information, reliability and duration of operation. A properly designed structured cabling system, at any switching point allows access to all types of transmitted information: voice, digital, video information. If needed such signals as live support, security, fire alarm, video surveillance, cable television etc. can be added. Structured cable systems allow you to combine different network devices, also SCS supports the simultaneous use of different network protocols.

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Corporate data transmission systems (CDTS)

Telecommunications corporate data network (TCDN) is a transport infrastructure of data transmission and is intended to implement reliable, efficient and secure transmission of information between the structural units and to ensure their access to the resources of information systems. The purpose of creation of TCDN is to is to provide a given set of transport communication services with certain quality. The function of TCDN is unite the information resources into a single protected and reliable information system.In terms of a functional model TCDN provides to its users a given set of communication services with certain quality.

Departmental telephone network (DTN) is constructed as a system composed of TCDN and is designed for implementation of reliable, rapid transmission of voice and fax messages between the subscribers of any other structural divisions, between the subscribers of any other structural units and subscribers of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The purpose of creation of the DTN is to provide the departmental telephone and fax communication.

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Fiber-optic communication lines

Fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL) is the type of transmission system in which information is transmitted through the optical dielectric waveguides, called “optical fiber”.

The FOCL is a network,in which connecting elements between the nodes are the fiber-optical communication lines. FOCL technology covers not only issues concerning the fiber optic, but also the the electronic transmission equipment, its standardization, communication protocols and network topology and the common issues of networks construction.

Fiber optic is mainly used at construction of objects in which the installation of SCS must combine a multi-storey building or building of a large extent or geographically disparate buildings.

Active network equipment

Active network equipment has a “smart” features. Active network equipment include routers, switches, etc. For such equipment power supply is required, preferably the uninterrupted power supply (UPS).We offer a wide range of active equipment such as Cisco, Xtreme, 3Com, Allied Telesys, Juniper, etc.


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