Queue Management System

Queue Management System (QMS) is the modern hardware and software complex that is used to service organization, management and distribution of the flow of customers in government and commercial buildings.

QMS Damask has the following features:

  • hardware independence:
    • using the software Damask you can implement a queue management system using any queue management equipment available on the market. This also gives you low cost of the system ownership because in case of any problem with the equipment it could be substituted or repaired with almost any available equivalents..
  • monitoring and contro:
    • management and control of the office services performed by the administrator of the hall from the workplace, using the Internet;
    • detection of critical events in the process of maintenance;
    • collection and analysis of statistics to simplify decision-making.
  • ease of use:
    • it’s easy to use the system, since it does not require additional equipment, performance of complicated procedures or additional of specialists.
  • security and reliability:
    • there is the possibility of using an isolated or shared enterprise network for operation of the system and data transmission;
    • information security is provided for the service office;
    • has a system of authorization and authentication of users, which allows to limit access to system functions for different users.

Система управления очередью (СУО) Система управления очередью (СУО) Система управления очередью (СУО)