Security systems

Fire Alarm System (FAS) and maintenance of Fire Alarm System

At the moment, the most promising fire alarms are analogue addressable system. The decision about the situation in these systems takes the control device not the detector.There are three specified threshold (Norma, Attention and Fire) in his configurations for each of the connected addressable devices. This provides a more flexible configuration modes for fire alarm systems in areas with different levels of external noise (level of industrial smoke, dust, etc.) and can be adjusted depending on the time of a day. Control device constantly polls the connected devices , and then analyses the obtained values, compare them with the threshold values, which are specified in its configuration. In addition, you can use a ring topology of the address line to connect the sensors. This leads to the fact that when the address line is broken, it splits into two independent radial loop, preserving its functionality.

These features provide advantages over other fire alarm systems, such as early detection of fires, a low level of false alarms, etc. As there is real-time control of smoke detectors operation, you can choose those detectors whose maintenance is promising and schedule it. Adress capacity of controller determines the number of single-controller protected premises.

Maintenance of fire alarm and video surveillance systems is to maintain in good condition fire detectors and security sensors.

When maintenance of FAS and video surveillance systems is performed, then the following is performed:

  • diagnostic of equipment;
  • checking of “Alarm” signal in case of intrusion;
  • checking of switching on and off the security of premises;
  • checking of operation of magnetically operated sealed switches, installed on all offices and outbuildings doors;
  • checking of voice alert alarms;
  • conducting practical test performance of fire alarm sensors using smoke;
  • checking of the operation of the system event log.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance System is a complex of technical means, including surveillance cameras, recording systems and recording video (PC or receptionist), the means of delivery of the signal (cable, monitor). Its goal is video monitoring of an object. At the moment, video surveillance is an integral part of any security system and video surveillance.

The main objectives of the surveillance system are:

  • Implementation of visual control of the situation of the protected object, is to provide information in multiplexed mode (output from multiple cameras on the screen) on the observation post, or in full-screen mode (full screen image from one camera). Such approach allows to make prompt decisions, based on the specific situation;
  • Organization of continuous recording DVR or computer system is to confirm documented facts of violation and makes it possible to analyze all situations;
  • The ability to perform functions of an alarm, if you use motion sensors or external alarm sensors, and inform the operator of the motion in a controlled area using sound or light alarm signal.
Analog video surveillance and digital video surveillance

Currently, the most used and common surveillance cameras are analog. Also a huge number of various equipment of video surveillance systems developed and used. They can meet the challenges of any size and complexity. If you want to view what is happening on the local network, there are devices that translate the analog signal into digital form.

IP video surveillance

From conventional VSS, IP video surveillance is characterized by using other equipment. Each IP camera will be assigned a network address and then will be connected directly to the Internet or to a local network. This gives you the opportunity to view a video camera from anywhere in the world without the use of additional equipment. But it should be understood that this type of observation will not be recorded , also during a network outage , the camera image is lost. As already stated above, equipment differs. Analog recorder will not work with the IP camera. And the cost of IP registrars superior to analog at times. Similarly for cables, casings and other equipment. The IP-based cameras system of video surveillance is considerably more expensive than analog one.

Системой видеонаблюденияСистемой видеонаблюденияСистемой видеонаблюдения