Power Systems and Lighting

Electrical distribution network 220/380V

Electrical distribution network of the building provide the work equipment of residential and industrial buildings, video surveillance systems, fire security systems, and many other engineering systems.

Designing of electric networks includes the determination of the required voltage, number of phases of the network, as well as calculation of the capacity installed in the building of the equipment on the basis of these indicators, determined by the cross-section of wires, and is designed scheme of electric distribution networks of the building, after this installation occurs.

The introduction of a large number of high-precision automatic and electronic equipment increases the requirements to the level of design and installation work and qualification of specialists, perform these works. All design and installation works are performed according to international standards and requirements.

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Lighting systems

Design and installation of lighting systems is carried out by qualified personnel. This ensures fast and reliable mounting systems. Specialists have years of experience installing lighting systems in warehouse, industrial and residential premises; large office and shopping malls, stores, etc.

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Backup power systems: diesel generator set (DGS), uninterruptible power systems (UPS).

Powerful uninterruptible power supply (UPS) patterns “on-line” provide the basis for designing the systems of the guaranteed power supply (SHPS) and provide quality work connected to them load in normal mode (if the input power supply)and offline (when disconnecting input power failure) at the expense of energy, stored in batteries. As a rule, such systems are designed to work offline for a period of time from several minutes to several hours. To ensure that the work of the connected load for a longer time as a backup source of energy in the range includes self-contained electric generating sets, built on the basis of internal combustion engines (usually diesel), such as diesel generator sets (DGS).

The necessary result achieved during the implementation of Systems of uninterrupted Power supply, can be considered as providing the possibility of functioning of critical equipment at refusal of a stationary input connections power supply for a time sufficient to switch to reserve power source power or completion of the main work processes in computer networks.

The purpose of developing a system of guaranteed power supply is to provide high-quality uninterrupted power supply in normal conditions and in cases of violating the normal power supply due to accidents or deterioration of quality in industrial or other interference.

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