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«INFA-networks» is a subdivision of holding «INFA» which is working at the information technology market since 1992. During this time holding «INFA» has become one of the major suppliers of computer-aided technologies not only in Stavropol and Stavropol Territory, but also at south Russian market. «INFA-networks» gives 20-years warranty on installed cabling system.

«INFA-networks» installs and debugs following networks:

  •  Telecommunication systems
    •  Wire systems (office telephony)
    •  Video conference connection
    •  Conference halls
  •  Networking
    •  Structured cabling systems (SCS)
    •  Corporate data transfer system
    •  Active network equipment
    •  Fiber-optics lines
  •  Power supply system and lighting system
    •  Electric distribution network 220/380Â
    •  Lighting systems
    •  Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Designing, installation and commission of all networks and telecommunication system conform to international standards and requirements.

Clients of «INFA-networks» could vary from private people, small commercial entity to large enterprises including government agencies. Companies in «V.I.P. – list»:

  • Department and administration of Russian Federation pension fund in Stavropol, Krasnodar Territory and Rostov region
  • Ministry of Finance of Stavropol Territory
  • Administration of Stavropol
  • Educational department of Stavropol
  • Administration of Stavropol Territory Justice department
  • The arbitration court of Stavropol
  • «MODUS-AUTOHOUSE» automobile sales centre
  • «DREAM-CAR» automobile sales centre
  • Armavir’s State Pedagogical University

and other educational and scientific institutes, industrial, electrical energy, transport and communications organizations, agriculture, trade and oil-and-gas production enterprises.


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