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Today at a fast rate, computer technology is being applied in all spheres of activity of enterprises and organizations that dramatically increases the amount of information which must be passed within a building or complex of buildings, compactly situated in the same area, without access to the public service network. This resulted in the rapid development of technology of local area networks (LANs).

Computer network is a summation of devices (computers, terminals, office equipment), which have the opportunity of information exchange with each other using special communications equipment and software.

Statistical researches on the cost and duration of operation of individual components of the network showed that the life of network equipment, software and computer park ranges from 1.5 to 4 years, while the cabling system serves 10 to 15 years.

Past experience clearly dictates the necessity of creation a cabling system in an office, which satisfies the following requirements:

  • is universal (opportunity to use for transmission of various types of signals);
  • quickly allows to create new workstations and change the network topology;
  • allows to organize a unified service of operating;
  • has a big warranty period.

The structured cabling system (SCS) satisfies all of the above requirements. To date, structured cabling system is the best solution for creating reliable, efficient and relatively simple in operation local and telephone networks.

Structured Cabling System (SCS)

Modern structured cabling system is an integrated and inseparable part of utilities buildings. Once installed, it can function for many years, for which several generations of communications equipment may be alternated.

It is well-known that the main and only function of SCS is a guaranteed continuous delivery to the subscriber of services of various types. In today's networks – it is at least, voice and data local area network, to which, if necessary, the signals of buildings life support, security, fire alarm and video surveillance system, CTV, etc can be added. In addition, SCS is equipped with its own power and protect circuits.

Because of the expansion of the computer parks and increasing the number of workstations, each company and each office should consider the establishment of a structured cabling system. Otherwise invest in expensive networking equipment, servers and workstations cannot give a qualitative improvement of operation of local area network and cannot be efficient.

Properly designed structured cabling system will have 20 years full warranty on the link and help to protect investments. According to independent estimates, SCS reduces the cost of network administration at 2 - 5 times, reduces downtime (failures) in the network by 30-50%. SCS allows you quickly to add and reconfigure workstations.

Regulatory requirements for SCS

Standards for the telecommunications systems of buildings have been developed since 1985. Preparation of regulatory documentation was made by several organizations:

  • Electronic Industries Association of USA - EIA
  • Telecommunications Industry Association of USA - TIA

The result of their activities has become the standard for telecommunications cabling systems for commercial buildings TIA/EIA-568. Currently a new edition of American Standard TIA/EIA-568-B works, also another important regulatory document TIA/EIA-606 “Administration Standard for Commercial Telecommunications Infrastructure. Elements of an administration system.” works. Standard defines the rules for documentation of SCS during the operation - labeling, recordkeeping, rules for designing drawings, reports, etc.

Work on the standardization of SCS was being led by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in parallel with the TIA / EIA. Standard ISO / IEC 11801 "Information technology — Generic cabling for customer premises." is not fundamentally opposed to the American standard TIA/EIA-568.

In SCS, which satisfy the standard TIA/EIA-568-B, are used cables of category 5e and above.

Currently, most of created structured cabling systems are based on standards TIA/EIA-568-B, TIA/EIA-606, ISO / IEC 11801, GOST 34.602-89


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